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All Natural Enzymatic Sea Salt
Products For All Animals
Recommended By Veterinarians
Vet Aid is a very effective all natural wound care product that is revolutionizing the face of Veterinary Medicine.Vet Aid’s patented Sea Salt and Lysozyme formula cleans and heals wounds, and prevents and treats infections.Lysozyme is a natural protein that is part of every animal’s innate immune system, this protein has antibiotic properties. The lysozyme works synergistically with the sea salts many elements and minerals to accelerate the healing process.
“Vet Aid is an amazing product and I recommend to all of my clients as the first product to reach for when dealing with any injury or infection that affects the skin.”
-Equine veterinarian Martine Rodgers DVM, MS
These products can be used for many conditions including but not limited to:
  •Surgical incisions, and post operative infections
  •Skin infections, including pyoderma and hot spots
  •Sun burn and insect bites
  •Any wound that breaks and involves the skin and mucous membranes

“I have used Vet Aid for many skin lesions from hot spots to burns, lacerations and surgical sites.  It sped up the healing process by a t least 3-4 days in most cases if not more.  I love the fact that it is easy to use and the animals tolerate it extremely well.  My clients also loved the product and several came back and got more to keep around for unexpected emergencies.   I highly recommend Vet Aid no matter how large or small the problem is.”
 -Small animal veterinarian Cherry Douglas DVMBegin
Vet Aid’s patented wound care products are formulated to replicate the extracellular fluids within animal bodies. Controlling harmful bacteria while also nourishing derma cells makes Vet Aid products the preferred choice for small and large animal wound care or dermatological irritations. Sea salt and lysozyme are combined to create a safe, effective and natural solution. This patented formula will create the optimal environment to ensure a natural heal process for animals.
The First Antibiotic Dr Alexander Fleming, in 1922, discovered the anti-bacterial properties of Lysozyme, first in his own nasal mucus and subsequently in tears. He discovered Lysozyme by chance. One day, when he had a cold, he added a drop of mucus to the culture and, much to his surprise, it killed the bacteria. He had discovered one of our own natural defenses against infection. Unfortunately, Lysozyme is a large molecule that is not particularly useful as a drug. It can be applied topically, but cannot rid the entire body of disease, because it is too large to travel between blood cells. Fleming continued his research and discovered Penicillin five years later. Lysozyme is a protein naturally occurring in many organisms such as plants, insects, birds, reptiles and mammals. In mammals, Lysozyme has been isolated from saliva, tears, intestines, urine and milk. Lysozyme’s natural function in biological liquids (tears, saliva, salt water secretions, etc.) is to attack bacteria foreign to the body. A bacteria invading the body through any typical route-eyes, mouth, nose, cut, etc. will meet up with the human immunological system, of which Lysozyme is a critical part. Biologically, Lysozyme attacks the cell wall of certain bacteria (all gram positive and a few gram negative). By nicking the cell in numerous spots, Lysozyme gradually weakens the wall. When the osmotic pressure within the cell is too much for the weakened wall to withstand, the bacterium will burst. The cell-wall lysing function is where the enzyme received its name.
Salt is essential for all life; just like air and water. The mineral content of seawater is extremely close to that of bodily fluids, such as extra cellular fluid and amniotic fluid. Sea salt contains over 82 trace elements and minerals that are essential to keeping the cells in your body healthy. Vet Aid’s patented products contain the most naturally derived sea salt. Saline solutions and similar products use Sodium Chloride instead of sea salt. Sodium Chloride (table salt) is mined from dirt or concrete basins. It then goes through refining processes to make a white crystallized molecular structure depleted of all essential minerals. This salt can be harmful even if it is used just in your food; the body’s cells suffer from the chemical additives and lack of vital minerals and elements.
Unrefined sea salt supplies over 82 vital trace minerals, thereby promoting optimum biological function and cellular maintenance.
Essential minerals found in unrefined salt and their metabolic function:
Sodium: Essential to digestion and metabolism. Regulates body fluids, nerve and muscular functions.
Chlorine: Essential component of human body fluids.
Calcium: Needed for bone mineralization.
Magnesium: Dissipates sodium excess, forms and hardens bones, ensures mental development and sharpens intelligence. Promotes assimilation of carbohydrates, assures metabolism of vitamin C and calcium, retards the aging process and dissolves kidney stones.
Sulfur: Controls energy transfer in tissue, bone and cartilage cells. Essential for protein compounds.
Silicon: Needed in carbon metabolism and for skin and hair balance.
Iodine: Vital for energy production and mental development. Ensures production of thyroid hormones. Needed for strong auto-defense mechanism ( lymphatic system ).
Bromine: In magnesium bromide form, a nervous system regulator and restorer. Vital for pituitary hormonal function.
Phosphorus: Essential for biochemical synthesis and nerve cell functions related to the brain. Constituent of phospho proteins, nucleoproteins and phospholipids.
Vanadium: Of greater value for tooth bone calcification than fluoride. Tones cardiac and nervous systems, reduces cholesterol, regulates phospholipids in blood, and is a catalyst for the oxidation of many biological substances.

Vet-Aid Sea Salt Wound Care Spray 4-oz
Vet Aid Spray is a sterile sea salt and lysozyme formula that is delivered in a spray container. The state of the art bag in the can system keeps the spray sterile from the first application to the last. This spray can be applied, and then wrapped under bandages or left open for wounds to heal by second intension. It can also be used on open draining wounds and on or around mucous membranes including but not limited to lesions in the mouth, nose, eyes and genital areas. Veterinarian Recommended Uses: Vet Aid Sea Salt Spray • Abscesses / Tumor Removal • Moist Dermatitis • Declawing • Hot Spots - Deep & Secreting • Lacerations • Rain Rot • Proud Flesh
Price: $23.95
Vet-Aid Sea Salt Wound Care Foam 2-oz
Vet Aid Foam is an intriguing formulation that also has a coral reef sea salt and lysozyme as a base, but it also contains a silicone ingredient that creates a protective coating over more mature wounds to help protect as it accelerates healing. This product can also be used under bandages or left open, but shouldn’t be used on mucous membranes. Its intended use is for wounds that are further along in the healing process (dryer wounds that are not oozing serum). This product can be used adjunctively with the spray or by itself after the wound has progressed into the granulation phase. Veterinarian Recommended Uses: Vet Aid Sea Salt Foam • Insect Bites • Dry Dermatitis • Hair and Skin Conditioning • Hot Spots - Superficial & Dry • Chronic Wounds • Sunburns / Non Pigmented Skin • Non Secreting Wounds
Price: $18.95
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