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Made In The USA
JU00107 Jungle Toys Giraffe
This multi-colored toy is twistable and the wood is soft. This toy is recommended for medium sized birds. The dimensions of this toy is 10 x 1 1/2 x 1 1/2"
Price: $10.35
JU00108 Jungle Toys Elephant
This is a new toy from Jungle Toys. This toy has all natural multi-colored blocks with a bell that hangs from the bottom. A chain is holding the blocks together that makes it twistable. 1 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 13
Price: $14.76
JU00109 Jungle Toys Cheetah Small
3 x 14
Price: $12.39
JU00121 Jungle Toys Tiger Tail Jr
Medium and Large Birds,
3 x 16
Price: $8.69
JU00234 Jungle Toys Lion
Technical Details
• Exterior Dimensions: 9"x6"
• Weight: 1 lbs.
Product Features
• Hang it on the side of the cage or use both hooks to hang from the top

Good for: Parakeets, Cockatiels, Conures, Quakers, Small Cockatoos, Mini Macaws
Price: $17.99