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Acquire Perfect Air Quality With Next Generation Venta

The new 6 Series Venta Airwashers, humidifiers, air purifiers and hybrid models are taking air care to the next level. Using the best humidification method of Cold Evaporation technology, Venta has added convenient new features including an interactive touchscreen, WiFi capabilities, and remote control access to ensure your indoor air remains humidified and purified for optimal comfort. As with our Kuublet, Kuube and Kuubel 5 Series line of the 2-in-1 humidifier and air purifier Airwashers, expect the same cutting-edge design plus new, worldwide patented technology with the Hygiene Disc and VENTAcel Nelior Filters in the advanced 6 Series line.

Control of Your Venta Unit is at Your Fingertips

Choose to control your Venta via WiFi with the Venta App, through the infrared remote control, or by the highly-responsive digital touchscreen display. Select your desired fan speed, set a timer, enable child lock or sleep mode, specify your desired humidity level (on 6 Series Airwashers and hybrid models only), along with several other convenient features. 

The Venta Kuuboid XL Max is equipped with a fan that pulls the polluted air from the room and into the unit. The air is first passed through dual pre-filters that remove large airborne particles such as house dust. Then the air is passed through two of our exclusive VENTAcel filters that remove pollen, smoke, bacteria, viruses and other pollutants as small as 0.07 microns. After the air has been cleaned by the dual set of pre-filters and VENTAcel filters, it is then sent by the fan back into the room perfectly purified.