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Quality Bird Cages & Supplies at Discount Prices

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No More Newspaper. No More Mess. Long Lasting Solution To A Daily Problem. Made in USA of Durable and Non-Toxic HDPE. Hand/Machine Washable. Great for Stackable Cages. May Separate and Use Individually On Sides of Cage.*The DoorSkirts are an easy to mount, easy to remove, washable and positional skirt that mounts right to the cage door. If you use the flared aprons (that go around the perimeter base of the cage) you will find that the width of an open door extends out more than the width of the flared aprons….making parrot owners have to place newspaper and/or mats underneath the door area of the cage. Well these skirts eliminate that need.

DoorSkirts Plus

They do not interfere with the flared aprons, you can open and close the cage door with the skirts still on, you can even position the skirt up higher on the door to protect the door latch/handle from getting droppings collected on it as well. It’s only the lipped brackets that mount to the cage…the skirts set right on top of the lip of the bracket so that you can just lift the skirt right off the brackets when you want to rinse or wipe them clean. Turn the brackets around (essentially “backwards”) to eliminate the temptation for your feathered friend to try and lift the skirt themselves. More info and pics at bottom of page.


The most common complaint from parrot owners around the world is the fact that they are MESSY!

Most all parrot owners don’t like nor prefer to leave their parrot locked in their cages. However, and studies have proven this time and time again, when the cage door is left open the parrot will almost always sit atop the open cage door. Sure they will go around the back and/or side tops of the cage but at some point the parrot will sit atop the open cage door.

The problem? Well the existing skirts that mount around the perimeter base of the cage do not extend out enough to cover the width of the open cage door causing the owner to have to place messy, unsanitary and unsightly newspaper and/or mats under the door area of the cage.

The DoorSkirts mount right on to the cage door. You can mount them at the base of the cage door or toward the top – above the door latch/handle to protect it from droppings as well.

The skirts are easy to mount, easy to remove, they are hand and/or machine washable, are made in the USA of durable, long-lasting, non-toxic HDPE material. The combination of the “lipped” brackets and slotted skirt design allow for flexible positioning. Only the lipped brackets are mounted to the cage door (hardware included). The skirts simply set onto the lipped brackets and can slide left/right so that you can close the cage door with the inner skirt still on or simply lift the inner skirt off before closing the door, set to the side and mount again when door is open. While the patented skirt liners are not available just yet, placing a half-size paper towel in the skirt works very well. When soiled just toss out and replace. Or don’t use a liner at all – you can hand or machine wash the skirts. If your feathered friend gets too curious and wants to try lifting the skirts off themselves try mounting the brackets the reverse way. Gently pull the top of the lip away from contact with the door and push the skirt down on top of the lip.


The owner of DoorSkirts Plus is no longer manufacturing them, We still have a 

few in stock but once they are gone we will no longer be able to get them


We don’t have any products to show here right now.

What Size Skirt Do You Need?

To determine what size skirt you could use, open your cage door at a 90 degree angle and measure from the outer most frame of the door back flush with the cage. If your cage has the perimeter based skirts already mounted (as on some model cages), you can consider the first two inside inches to be coverage and either choose a skirt that will protect the remaining unprotected area of the door base or since DoorSkirts are mounted on the door and not collide with perimeter based skirts, you can choose to have a longer skirt that covers the first 2" underneath the door too. The combination of a "one-size fits all" lipped bracket and slotted skirt design allow for a maximum positioning solution for any model cage owner. The lipped bracket allows for easy mounting and removal of the skirt. The slots on the skirt allow for optimal positioning of the skirt and brackets no matter the bar spacing.Flexible positioning allows the user to be able to open and close the cage door without interference. You could even just remove the inner skirt completely while the parrot is in the cage and the door is closed if preferred. With the skirt being available in 3 sizes, the user is sure to find a skirt that will fit their cage no matter the size, make or model. Plus it allows the customer to position and mount a skirt on the side of the cage above the food bowl and/or the door latches/handles.

Installation/Mounting Instructions:

For mounting a set of skirts to the cage door (one skirt on outside of cage door and one skirt on inner side of cage door):


  1. Position outer and inner bracket on the cage door at the outer most edge of door at either the base of the cage door or in the top half of the door (above the door latch/handle). Make sure the lip of the brackets extend away from the door. (or if your bird likes to try and lift the skirts off their brackets simply turn the brackets the other way "backwards" so that the lips are in contact with the cage. Then just gently pull the lip away from being in contact with the cage to push the skirt down onto the bracket or to lift when removing).

  2. Push a bolt through each hole in the bracket so that the head of the bolt is on the outer side of the cage door.

  3. Now screw the wing nut on tightly.

  4. Hold the skirt up to the door so that you get a visual idea of where you need to place the 2nd set of brackets. Allow room for sliding the skirt left or right so that you can open and close the door after the skirt is mounted (of course you can easily lift the inner skirt off the lipped brackets entirely once you've put your parrot in the cage for the night if you prefer).

  5. Now that the brackets are assembled to the cage, you can mount the skirts

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