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Small Cockatiel

Cockatiels, Conures, Lovebirds, Quakers

SKU: 50505-8

7 1/2" long

Health and Exercise Perch, Common round perches maintain constant contact with the same spot on the birds foot. This unique perch provides a variety of contact points every time the bird moves on the perch. Birds spend there life on their feet. Shouldn't you provide a perch with a variety of angles.

3 Scientific Breakthroughs In Avian Foot care:

1. Eliminates foot pressure points!

2. Exercise Foot and Leg Muscles!

3. A new foot position with every stance!

Varied grip angles

A new position with every stance

Recommended by veterinarians

Imitates natural perches

Exercise foot an leg muscles

Trims birds nails guaranteed!

Your bird will thank you!

Constructed with lightweight thermal insulated material that maintains a comfortable temperature

Polly's Pet Products Twister Perch Small

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