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The Australian Parakeet Loro Parque Mix is exclusively made of quality seeds, selected in function of the natural food of various types of Australian parakeets. The Australian Parakeet Loro Parque Mix is a complete food, enriched with VAM pellets (Vitamins, Amino-acids and Minerals) to keep the birds in blooming health. The species adapted mix was composed in consultation with the scientific team of Loro Parque (Tenerife) and is used in the park as basic food for all the Australian large parakeets and cockatiels. The Loro Parque collection includes 3,000 psittacine birds (300 species), the most extensive in the world.



Yellow millet, White millet, Canary seed, Striped sunflower seeds, Peeled oats, Safflower, Red millet, Buckwheat, Hempseed, Linseed, Paddy rice, White sunflower seeds, Wheat, Japanese millet, Niger seed, V.A.M. pellets, Oystershells

VL21970 Loro Parque Australian Parakeet Mix 2.2lb

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