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Your bird will never be lonely or stressed by isolation during traveling. The lightweight, transparent Wingabago® gives your bird a clear view of their surroundings, and allows you to monitor their safety.

Birds do not feel trapped or claustrophobic. They can see out and you can see in. The carrier comes with everything you will need; stainless steel food and water bowls, 3 dowel perches in varying diameters, toy hanger, and travel safety brochure.

Wingabago® Bird Carrier Features:

•The Wingabago® is made of FDA approved, non toxic plastic which is strong, resilient and light weight. •Easy to clean. Corners are rounded so there are no seams or right angles. •Ventilation holes on sides and top.

•Birds can perch naturally on the elevated perch.

•Unique design keeps inquisitive, destructive beaks inside the carrier.

The small Wingabago® is the right size for small birds like Cockatiels, Senegal Parrots, Caiques, Quaker Parrots, Green Cheek, Sun and Nanday Conures and other similar size birds. For medium size birds like Amazons, African Greys, Eclectuses, and smaller Cockatoos, either size will work. It all depends on how you will use it. If your primary use is to transport your bird for short trips to the vet and around town,

we recommend the small Wingabago®. IF you would like to take your bird on vacation with you, we recommend the large Wingabago®. It gives them more room.

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WG-128 Wingabago® Carrier Small 12x12x17

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