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Most all HQ cages now have the new feeder doors without locks and new D-shape food bowls. Some other minor changes have been made to some of the cages also. We are working with the manufacture on getting updated photos of the cages.


• Opening top

• 4 SS cups in Spill-Proof Holders

• Escape-proof locks Dimensions:

• Exterior: 28" W x 18" D x 54" H

• Interior Height: 28"

• Bar Spacing: 3/8"

• Bar Thickness: 2mm

• Drop down front porch above main door

• Ball bearing and plastic rollers under tray for easy removal

• Weight 55 Lbs.


Good bird cage for: •parakeets •Cockatiels •Lovebirds •Other similarly sized small birds


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72818 HQ Small Parrot Cage 28x18x54

$431.97 Regular Price
$323.97Sale Price
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