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Quality Bird Cages & Supplies at Discount Prices

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Universal Cage Covers

Your pet needs a natural day and night cycle to be healthy and happy. You can provide that with our perfectly designed bird cage cover! Why not throw a sheet over it? Because that's downright dangerous for your bird! Our covers are designed to allow airflow both vertically and through the bottom of the cage. Birds are extremely sensitive creatures, and in any environment that doesn't offer good ventilation, any dust that builds up in the air can cause respiratory problems. The heat buildup can also become dangerous. Our covers avoid that danger, and offer the safe, cozy environment your bird needs to sleep and thrive.


We make our covers to be of the most practical use for both birds and their owners. All of our covers are machine washable, and simple to take on and off your cage, allowing for easy cleaning. They are also stain and wrinkle resistant, for visual appeal, simple maintenance and maximum durability. With a Velcro-secured flap in the front of the covers, you can easily access your pet without even having to take the cover off, so your bird is always accessible and safe.


Providing a home where your pet can thrive means creating an environment that soothes its natural instincts and makes it feel at ease. While it may be far from the rainforest, recreating the light patterns of its natural habitat is a critical step in caring for your bird. Covering your bird cage with a Cozzzy Cover by CozzzyBird, Inc. will provide the darkened environment needed to allow the restful sleep your pet bird needs to stay physically healthy and to be on its best behavior!


*As with any fabric, there is a possibility that loose threads could result from wear and tear on the cover. Any loose threads hanging inside the cover should promptly be cut off to prevent injury to your bird!

There will be no Cozzzy Covers shipments made during the following days:


June 24th thru June 26th 2024 (resumes on June 27th)

July 20th thru August 20th 2024 (resumes on August 21st)

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