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Quality Bird Cages & Supplies at Discount Prices

No Two Java Tree Stands Are Alike

The Java Tree is a natural tree perch made from a single coffee tree of

25 to 35 years of age when the tree becomes non-productive. Each

Tree is handpicked as less than one percent of the coffee trees suitable.

These trees then go through a series of painstaking process and handcrafting till

perfection. The finished perch becomes a beautiful addition to your home and

most importantly, practical and fun for your bird and other creatures.

The Java Tree perch is a design of nature and of skilled craftsmen resulting in the

world's most beautiful bird perches and parrot perches. The spacing between

branches is ample to provide freedom for the bird to flap their wings and to

explore between branches. The base is constructed with quality Kamper

wood from Kalimantan milled into 3/4" plywood bottom, resulting in the steel

casters being almost out of sight.

A&E Java Wood Trees

Extra shipping charges for CA, WA & Vegas

Due to ongoing Supply Chain Shortages:

When Java Cups are unavailable-Stainless Steel Cups will be provided as a substitution.

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