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The Impossi-ball


The heavy duty all stainless steel, welded "Impossi-ball" contains two solid ABS balls with 1/2 holes drilled all the way through the middle, so a treat can be stuffed inside them.


The balls can not come out of the cage. It comes with an all stainless hanger chain and an all stainless quick link to connect to the cage.


Your bird will go nuts trying to get the balls out! The yellow ABS pear shaped part spins an axis, adds color and provides another thing for your parrot to chew on.


Indestructible like all Busy Bird toys. "For Birds That Like to Screw Around!"


  • Solid Stainless Steel
  • Solid ABS balls with 1/2 inch hole bored through
  • Macaws, Cockatoos, African Greys, Amazons, All medium to Extra Large Parrots
  • Balls can not come out of cage
  • 8 inch stainless chain with quick link
  • Hand Wash Only


•Solid Stainless Steel

•Solid ABS balls with 1/2 in hole bored through

•Balls can not come out of cage

•8 inch stainless chain with stainless quick link

•All welded together


Great for all medium to extra large parrots

Busy Bird Toys The Impossi-Ball

SKU: BB Impossi-Ball
$52.99 Regular Price
$40.97Sale Price
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