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Door Skirt PLus

We have a shipment of 11" Door Skirts coming in next week. Be on the look out for a sale on these when we get them.

No More Newspaper. No More Mess. Long Lasting Solution To A Daily Problem of birds perching on the cage door and bird droppings landing on your floor. Made in USA of Durable and Non-Toxic HDPE. Hand/Machine Washable. Great for Stackable Cages. May Separate and Use Individually On Sides of Cage.*The DoorSkirts are an easy to mount, easy to remove, washable and positional skirt that mounts right to the cage door. If you use the flared aprons (that go around the perimeter base of the cage) you will find that the width of an open door extends out more than the width of the flared aprons….making parrot owners have to place newspaper and/or mats underneath the door area of the cage for bird droppings.. Well these skirts eliminate that need.

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