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This carrier is great for parrots because it gives them a clear view of their surroundings. It also give the owners a peace of mind knowing they can keep a check on their birds during travel.

Conures and small birds to African Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos, large Macaws and similar size birds.

It's also easy to setup and has a sure lock cup included.



•17.5" (H) x15"( W) x30.25" (L) Body height: 14.6" 13.35lbs

* High impact resistant Poly-carbonate

* 2 Stainless Steel door for easy in easy out with 5/8" bar spacing

* Even airflow and complete ventilation

* Adjustable textured perch - 5 locations!

* Adjustable shoulder strap

* Sure Lock Cup included

* 1 3/4" perch and 1 1.5" dia. perch included

* Easy to set up

PT50012 Caitec Perch and Go Large

SKU: PT50012
$399.99 Regular Price
$379.97Sale Price
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