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Vet Aid Sea Salt Derma Foam acts as a natural liquid bandage by protecting the injured tissue while maintaining a healthy environment for healing. The Sea Salt Foam will assist in the restoration of normal dermal conditions while easing the discomfort of skin irritations.

The patented Sea Salt Foam contains ingredients that are beneficial in the healing process and help to support the development of strong supple skin in the area of the wound.



Use your fingertips to gently apply foam on desired skin area. Repeat this 3-5 times per day or every 5 hours.


• Insect Bites

• Dry Dermatitis

• Hair and Skin Conditioning

• Hot Spots – Superficial & Dry

• Thrush / Pyoderma

• Sunburns

• Non Secreting Wounds

• Acne / Skin Rash

Vet-Aid Animal Wound Care Foam 2-oz

SKU: VA Foam 2-oz
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