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Hand Made In The USA


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SQWATTERS offers a great selection of flat perches and swings designed to keep your winged pals happy, healthy, and comfortable, they can even sleep on their SQWATTERS. Great handicapped perch.

Our Story

Give your feathered friend a rest with unique bird perches and swings from SQWATTERS We love birds and know that some of them prefer to "squat" at night. They get tired of always hanging on. One day it finally hit us—why not create a flat perch? After years of experience with ceramics, we created a few prototype perches out of safe, non-toxic high-fired clay for strength. They actually help birds by keeping their nails and beaks in check, and letting them stretch their feet out. The finish is a water based grit surface. "They're so safe they could eat the whole perch if they so desired."


MSDS link available CLICK HERE


that Sqwatters are hand made to order and can take up to two weeks to ship out after your order has been placed. We can also do custom colors, so if you don't see the color that you want just give us a call.


Run under warm water for a few moments then gently scrub with a brush until clean. When dry place back in the cage.

Please Note:

Squatters are not made to hold water or food, do not use them upside down.

Sqwatters Has Gone Out Of Business And We Can No Longer Get Then
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