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Bastrop Cages proudly introduces Bennett IMPS “first class” Macaw 

Travel Carrier for macaws and other birds.

We are sorry but we no longer offer these carriers

Each travel carrier is constructed of 3/8" solid anodized aluminum rods with 1-1/8" bar spacing. The rich anodized luster is unsurpassed for beauty and is available in three distinct colors: gold, sage mist and champagne. The 7/8" anodized aluminum bright tube provides the foundation and framework. Polycarbonate sheeting (Not Acrylic) encloses two sides plus the top and the bottom.

Each carrier is handcrafted and consists of six panels. The four side panels each have two threaded studs, top and bottom that set on corresponding drilled holes in the wheeled base and top. The only panel that has a recommended placement is the drop-down hoop handle. This panel should be placed over the front locking casters and used for pulling the unit. The remaining three sides may be placed at your discretion. The top has a stationary bar handle that is placed over the large six inch wheels, similar to a shopping cart. As with All of the Bennett IMPS Modular Sanctuaries and Caging Systems there are No Welds!

Each Travel Carrier Is Available In Four Sizes:

21"x21"x27" (total height w/wheels 30")

21"x21"x30" (total height w/wheels 33")

21"x21"x33" (total height w/wheels 36")

21"x21"x36" (total height w/wheels 39")

Standard Carrier Includes:

Four Side Panels

1 - Bright Tube & Rod Cage Panel

1 - Bright Tube & Rod Full Height, Door Panel

2 - Bright Tube & Clear Polycarbonate Panels

Top Panel - Bright Tube & Clear Polycarbonate Panel with Push Handle

Bottom Panel - Bright Tube & Clear Polycarbonate with Shepherd Locking Casters and 6” Wheels

3 - Natural Sassafras Perches with Hardware

1 - “Easy Clean” Fold & Lift Bottom Tray

2 - Quick Lock Crocks

Personalize with Your Choice of Options:

Extra Natural Sassafras Perch & Hardware

2 - Custom Bennett IMPS Locking S.S. Bowls

Drop Down Pull Hoop Handle

Rotating Lock In & Out Feeding Panel includes 2 - Custom Bennett IMPS Locking S.S. Bowls

All Travel Carriers are custom built to order and take about 4-6 weeks before they ship out

All Travel Carriers are plus shipping and insurance TBD when units are ready to ship out, this will usually run between $90 - $150

International Shipping Available

Layaway Plans Available

Proudly Hand made in the USA

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Personalize your Travel Carrier with

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