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At this time we are not taking any orders for
Molly & Friends until they are able to ship product.

When we say "Handcrafted", we mean "Care". Our furniture is crafted by a team of experts who are truly passionate about producing something a cat will enjoy for a long time. Our items are built to Last, with Strong, Sturdy and Durable materials. Each item undergoes a quality control process which insures each piece is carefully assembled and packaged.


Each item is carefully crafted to insure stability and longevity. We make the best! We use NATURAL 3/8" Un-oiled Sisal Rope which cats love to scratch. Adhesives or spray chemicals are NOT used during our assembly process. Solid pine poles and wood rather than plastics or cardboard is used. Proudly Made in the USA.

Description of materials used and basic process of our cat trees

We use chipboard for our bases, molly faces, and the bottoms of beds. On the bases, the chipboards are reinforced along the bottom edges with "sticks" which are approx .5" thick and 1" wide. The cradles, tunnels, and alleys are made with industrial compressed cardboard cores that are about 3/4" thick. We use heart of pine poles and natural non-oiled sisal.

The poles are attached to the bases using 6" lag bolts, and the tunnels, cradles, beds, etc. are attached to the poles using a minimum of five 4" drywall screws. For multiple tiered units, each part is screwed into the pole beneath it and into any other poles it is touching. The bases are stapled together using 1" industrial staples. The sisal is also attached using 1" industrial staples. The carpet is stapled on with A13 and C13 staples (much smaller and thinner, about 1/2" in length). We do not use glue anywhere in the building process.

The cradles are 16.5" wide x 17" long. The beds have an inside diameter of 16.5" and an outside diameter of 17.5" and are 4" in total height, with the lip around the bed being 2.5-3" tall. The tunnels are the same diameter as the beds and are 17" long. Mollys have the same dimensions as regular tunnels. Upright enclosed tunnels are 19" long. The hole that is in the side of the tunnels in octagonal in shape and is approx 6" x 9". The poles are approx 4" in diameter. Mscr units have a 13" x 13" base, Scr units (including scr-XL and scr/b) have an octagonal 19" x 19" base. Two-tier units have a 18" x 21" base. Three-tier and larger units (with the exception of five-tiers) have a 24" x 24" base. Five-tier units have a 24" x 36" base.


Standard Carpet Colors may very slightly with each dye lot.

Please make sure to choose a first and second color

choice in case the first color is out of stock

FREE Shipping On All Molly And Friends Cat Furniture

All Molly And Friends Cat Furniture are shipped fully assembled

Please allow 2 - 4 weeks lead time to ship

Premium Colors:

Blue, Burgundy, Grey, Green, and Brown

Please call us for prices on premium colors


At this time, we are not taking any orders for

Molly & Friends until they are able to ship product.

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