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Each bag of Momma Bird's Cafe Birdie Bread bakes up two 3 x 5 loafs or 46 mini muffins or an 8 x 9 brownie pan...makes about 3 lbs of actual bread when baked.


Momma Bird's Cafe birdie bread arrives in mix form where you need to add 2 eggs with shell and some low sodium stock or water and bake it up.


After baking, it can be frozen in small chunks and when you pull it out of the freezer, it just needs to be thawed and fed to the birds. It can remain frozen when properly stored for up to a year. And it will be fine refrigerated for a week or so. We do not use any preservatives in our is all natural.

We are sorry but at this time we no longer offer 

Mommas Birdie Bread as we do not have a supplier

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