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Something to Share

Something to Share

" Bird crazy " is what they call me.

And parrots are my game.

This name I have been given.

Is an honor, not a shame.

I love them. I care for them. I comfort them too

I also work with humans

and teach them to follow through.

When you bought this lovely creature.

You probably did not know.

Just how very smart it was.

Nor how your life would go.

Sometimes they bite. Sometimes they scream

They make lot's of messes too.

Another thing to remember is;

They'll probably out live you.

Parrots are wild creatures

But live in homes you see.

They depend on us to give to them.

All the things they need.

They need to have their showers.

Don't forget their Doctor too.

They cannot live on seed alone.

So Sad That many do.

They need Love and Understanding

when they are scared or hurt or sad.

They do not understand it when

we are tired, stressed, or mad.

We must always remember.

They were meant to be free.

We must give them more than just a cage.

For they would really like a tree.

So when you take a parrot home.

Please keep these things in mind.

It's up to you to understand

And always to be kind.

By: Tammy Murphy

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