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This multipurpose perch folds away for easy storage and can be used in the shower or on a window. The oversized suction cups are made for the weight of the larger birds. The Small is 11 inches long and 5/8 inches inches in diameter and sized for small to medium size birds like Greys, Goffin Cockatoos, Amazons, etc.

Can be mounted to:

Window: Natural sunlight is essential for your birds health

Your bird enjoys watching outdoor activities or nature viewing

Sunlight brings out the natural beauty of your birds feathers

Shower: Now your shower can be a tropical rain forest

Water is necessary to maintain a healthy coat of feathers

Discover this secret an make your bird's feathers shine

Car: Travel with your feathered friend

Vacation, work or pleasure, your bird will love you

Mirror-tv-kitchen on any smooth surface

your bird can identify and interact with his reflection

Spend quality time with your pet bird

Polly's Pet Products Shower Perch Small

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