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Mimic Me - Teach Your Bird to Talk

The Mimic Me by Prevue is now listed on mywebsite


Recording words & phrases in your own voice will help you teach your bird to talk. You'll love the connection & they'll love the attention! Mimic me assists you in teaching your bird new words and phrases through repetition. Simply record your message and press Play!

High-quality sound.

Two Playback Modes:

(A) Message repeats 12 times every 15 minutes until the unit is shut off.

(B)Message repeats 12 times every 10 minutes for two hours.

Unlimited ability to record new messages.

Unit must be turned off manually to conserve batteries.

Clamshell display packaging with first set of three AAA batteries included.

PLEASE NOTE: Mimic Me is not a toy and is not to be placed inside of cage.

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